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1. Must be a participating athlete in the upcoming 2024 Olympic or Paralympic Games representing Team USA.

2. Must have a child care need for your child/children. 

3. Must be able to prove identity before receiving grant. 

4. Must submit application by July 1st, 2024.

All grant recipients will remain anonymous unless the athlete chooses to post or share about the grant. Grants can be used for any childcare need including but not limited to: paying for a babysitter in Paris, flying a babysitter to Paris with your family, Paying a babysitter to stay home with your children while you travel to Paris, Flying your children out to watch you compete. No “proof of purchase” will be required, we trust that every athlete will use the grant to help with their child care expenses.

Grant Criteria

Grant Requirements

A Selection Committee will evaluate each application based on the following criteria:

  • Financial need.

  • Lack of financial support from traditional sources (i.e. endorsements, National Governing Body stipends).

  • Role of award in continued participation and advancement in sport.

  • Athlete’s ability to promote the fund and contribution to shed greater visibility of athletes with families who are balancing the challenges of parenting.

  • Grant allocation.


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